Prohibitted Knowledge

de Miguel Pedrero (Autor), Jeffrey Stuart Isfeld (Traductor)
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There is a "forbidden knowledge" or "cursed" that is elbowing its way. Although large academic institutions and political and financial power try to stop it, committed, prepared and enlightened women and men are bringing it to light in schools, laboratories, archaeological campaigns or historical studies.

In this book the reader will discover, among many other destabilizing issues, that:

?Eminent microbiologists and astrophysicists defend that our DNA is artificial and we are probably the creation of an alien civilization.
?There is remarkable evidence that beings from other worlds visited us in the remote past, being taken by gods.
?The traditions and sacred books of various religions ?including the Judeo-Christian? describe contacts with extraterrestrials.
?On Earth, other humanities lived in a remote past.
?On the face of our planet there were disappeared civilizations with enormous technological development, long before the Egyptian and the Sumerian.
?Scientists already have proof that life exists after life.
- It is fully accepted that there are countless parallel universes where life forms can exist.
?The UFO phenomenon constitutes proof that these dimensional intelligences have been with us since the beginning of time.

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4 de agosto de 2020
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