Moment of Truth

by Phoebe Rivers (Author)
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Sara?s friend Lily has a new crush?but he might be more of a fantasy than she realizes.

Sara now understands who she really is?why she has paranormal powers, why she?s living in Stellamar, and why it?s important to have Lady Azura in her life. What she doesn?t understand is how her best friend, Lily Randazzo, can have a crush on a boy who?s not alive. Kyle and his family died in a car accident while visiting Stellamar over the holidays, but Kyle isn?t aware of his sudden death and can still walk around like he?s alive. Only Sara knows he?s really a spirit, and if she doesn?t say something to Lily, there could be traumatizing consequences.
Lady Azura firmly warns Sara against interfering, saying that this sort of spirit phenomena is a recipe for disaster. But Sara knows she has no choice...she has to protect her best friend and help Kyle learn the truth. Can she do so without hurting Lily in the process?

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December 04, 2012
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