Tasty as F*ck

de Zoe Gifford (Auteur)
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Sweary meets simple in this fun and useful cookbook!

Get a f*cking amazing meal on the table without all the bullsh*t. With Zoe Gifford's Tasty as F*ck, you can whip up some seriously good food?hold the crazy ingredients, hassle, and perfection. These easy recipes are sorted into sensible chapters, like ?Sh*t You Can Eat with Your Hands? for lazy meals done right, ?Healthy Sh*t That Tastes Unhealthy? for those days you want to be good but not at the expense of actual flavor, and ?Easy, Impressive Sh*t? for when you know you have people coming over who definitely require those red carpets.

Check out super f*cking forgiving recipes like:

? F*ck, That?s Good, Spicy Fish Tacos
? Hell Yeah Falafel with Tzatziki
? Classy as Hell Blackberry-Peach Grilled Cheese
? Butter Me Up Butter Chicken
? I Can?t Even Lemony Salmon
? Now, That?s a F*cking Steak
? OMFG Chicken and Zucchini

Whether you are a new cook, a tired cook, or a cook who just doesn?t give a f*ck anymore, you can find something to devour that won?t waste your time. Get your hands on recipes that are easy as f*cking pie and pat yourself on the back for skipping food delivery with Tasty as F*ck!

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