New Horizons - A Mayson Edmundson Adventure

by SteṼie May (Author)
40 Loans, 10 Concurent Loans
5 Loans, 5 Concurent Loans
unlimited loans, One at a time

Mayson Edmundson is minding his own business enjoying a journey through space to visit his home planet, Panjandria, when he detects some unusual signals that can only mean one thing; someone or something is tracking his movements! Follow Mayson's ever-perilous journey through the outer reaches of the solar system, stopping off at a series of hideaways, including asteroid belts and orphan planets, in an attempt to conceal his trail from the wicked race of reptilian humanoids who want to discover the secrets of Mayson's wonderful space travel technologies; the impressive dark energy warp drive.
Concurrently, or maybe not, follow the hilarious travails of a group of Year 7 pupils at their new school as friendships are forged, lessons are learnt and teacher's teaching and social skills are put to the test. Meet the characters at the school and watch as the mischievous Simon Sosabowski tries his utmost to disrupt classes with some unintended consequences and follow them all and their exploits as they make their way through their first year at King Edward VI Grammar School.
Enjoy the sights and sounds of Bury St Edmunds and its environs, The Abbey Gardens, The Grey Lady, underground vaults and the ghostly apparitions that haunt those tunnels. Have a driving lesson with the wolf man, hear about the green children of Woolpit and take some tips on how to sink a barge.
And finally, however unlikely it may seem, ponder how these two separate stories may or indeed may not be related.

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September 30, 2020
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