The Mountains in Summer

de Cupido (Auteur), Saga Egmont (Traducteur)
55 prêts, Un à la fois

There?s something about the fresh air in the mountains, waves lapping against the shore, the wind caressing your breast, the water touching your sex...

This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. The collection contains following short stories:

"All the beds at the tourist cabin were taken. But, there was a camping bed in the attic with nobody in it yet." - The Mountains in Summer by The Son of the Wilderness

"She was his summer fling. But he couldn?t - for the life of him - remember what her face had looked like." A Fjordsummer?s Night by H. A. Hunter

"The man pulled down his trousers and stood with a stiffie in one hand and a camera in the other." - While We Wait For Summer by Cuddle Mama

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Date de publication
11 octobre 2020