Fitcher's Bird

by Brothers Grimm (Author), Margaret Hunt (Translator)
55 Loans, One at a time

There lived once an evil sorcerer who went from door to door pretending to be a poor man in need of help. When a pretty girl opened her home for him, he would compel her to jump into his basket. This happened with three poor sisters, three consecutive times. The sorcerer would come, compel the eldest first, then take her to his home where she was to preserve an egg and not look around. Well, she did not want to obey. And he killed her. The same happened with the next sister. He killed her as well. The third sister was however the cleverest of them all. Will she manage to outwit the sorcerer and can she bring her sisters back to life? Read "Fitcher?s Bird" to find out.

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Publication Date
October 25, 2020