The Wonders of the Human Body

by Dr. George W. Carey (Author)
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"June 1st, 1917, Dr. Carey published the Tree of Life, a book on the marvels of the human body and physical regeneration as taught in Greek and Hebrew texts, from which the English Bible was translated. The book aroused such intense interest that the edition was virtually sold out in less than a year. The Wonders of the Human Body may be termed "an enlarged edition of the Tree of Life", containing more than double the amount of information. Many more Bible witnesses have been called to the stand, than were heard in the Tree of Life, to testify to the truths of Scripture and to indubitably prove that the Greek and Hebrew writings were based in the truths of chemistry and physiology. This book was not compiled for the purpose of antagonizing so-called Christians. It was written to prove the truths of the fables, parables and splendid allegories, such as the book of Job and Revelations, with a firm faith that truth will triumph and at last lead the world to Peace."

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October 09, 2020
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