Food of Australia: Contemporary Recipes from Australia's Leading Chefs

Food of Australia: Contemporary Recipes from Australia's Leading Chefs

by Wendy Hutton (Author)
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The remarkable geographic and ethnic diversity of Australia has laid the foundation for the country's new culinary identity.

Drawing on European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and native Australian ingredients and cooking styles, the country's young and innovative chefs have melded these influences into a fresh and unique style of cooking. This book presents a cross section of recipes from twenty-two of Australia's leading chefs.

This book is divided into two sections. Part I contains lively essays by Australian culinary experts which introduce the history, culture and diverse influences which have shaped the development of contemporary Australian cuisine. Part II contains an overview of cooking in Australia, lists of ingredients that Australian cooking relies on, and over 70 of Australia’s favorite recipes

The Food of Australia contains easy-to-follow recipes with detailed descriptions and vibrant photography, enabling enthusiastic cooks anywhere to capture the unique flavors of this remarkable continent.

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November 15, 2012
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