Curious Lists for Kids – Human Body

Curious Lists for Kids – Human Body

by Rachel Delahaye (Author), Isabel Munoz (Illustrator)
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Do you want to know 3 facts about snoring, 22 bones in the human body, and 7 gruesome bodily worms?

Then look no further because Curious Lists for Kids?Human Body by Rachel Delahaye is absolutely bursting with 205 interesting and informative lists, guaranteed to keep you entertained and increase your knowledge of the human body at the same time!

Discover the deadliest disease in history, what makes up your blood, your biggest and tiniest body parts, how we digest food . . . and where to find your phalanges.

With quirky, colorful illustrations by Isabel Munoz, this is a great gift purchase but also a book to buy for yourself!

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Publication date
October 12, 2020
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34 MB