Amish Romance at Christmastime

by Linda Byler (Author)
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Bestselling Amish novelist Linda Byler’s three heartwarming Christmas romances—in one affordable volume!

Linda Byler is beloved for her skillful story telling and true-to-life descriptions of Amish food, faith, and culture. As an Amish woman herself, she can share details of Amish life that few can replicate. Here are three heartwarming novellas full of longing, tragedy, complicated feelings, and ultimately love.

The More the Merrier: When Eli Miller passes away unexpectedly, and then a fire destroys their barn, Annie has no idea how she and her eight children will make ends meet. When she begins a friendship with a widower with six children of his own, Annie embarks on a new journey that will transform her and her large, complicated family. 

A Dog for Christmas: After years of loneliness and longing, Henry is finally rewarded with a hard-won love, a family to call his own, and a new best friend. Could there possibly be a better gift than that? A beautiful Christmas story of quiet triumph in the face of lifelong adversity.

A Horse for Elsie: When tragedy strikes in the Amish community, Elsie is forced to let go of her teenage angst and grow up quickly. But sometimes letting go of one’s desires has a way of allowing one to accept something even better. A tale of longing, desperation, and finally hope, this is a heartwarming Christmas tale to be remembered.

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October 06, 2020
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