Dave the Unicorn: Dance Party

by Pip Bird (Author), David O'Connell (Illustrator)
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In the third volume of Pip Bird and David O?Connell?s laugh-out-loud illustrated chapter book series, Mira and her unicorn Dave have to face the ultimate challenge: a school dance.

Everyone at Unicorn School is excited for the upcoming dance party, including Mira?even though her unicorn, Dave, loves doughnuts more than prancing.

But before the dance, Mira and Dave have to go on a very special quest with their classmates?a quest that threatens to get wildly out of control. Will Mira and Dave make it out of the Crystal Maze Mine in time to hit the dance floor?

This third book in the hilarious new chapter book series Dave the Unicorn: Dance Party continues the story of Mira at Unicorn School and her unicorn Dave, who?s not the statuesque stallion we?re trained to expect. But Dave also has a few tricks up his sleeve that remind Mira?and all of us?that friendship is more important than conquering any quest.

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Publication date
February 16, 2021
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