OK, Boomer

by Lisa Beth Johnson (Author), Phoebe Bottoms (Author)
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Get ready for your next family reunion with jokes that give a good-natured ribbing to people of every generation.

You’ll be ready to face the horde at your next family get-together with this collection of age (in)appropriate jokes aimed at people of every generation. Whether you need a zinger for your cranky grandfather, a one-liner for your out-of-touch aunt, or a snarky comeback for a clueless millennial, OK, Boomer has what you need. This collection of all-new material includes jokes such as...

  • How many boomers does it take to change a light bulb? Three: one to do it, and another two to talk about how much better the old one was. 
  • Q: Why do boomers always pay with an exact amount? A: Because they’re afraid of change. 
  • Boomer Band/Millennial Mash-ups: James Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Macklemore, Steve Miller Band of Horses.

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September 08, 2020
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