Haunt Me

Haunt Me

by K.R. Alexander (Author), Stacy Gonzalez (Narrateur)
15 Loans, 5 Concurent Loans

From horror master K. R. Alexander, the tale of a sleepover where a vengeful ghost is the uninvited guest who won't leave . . . or
let anyone else leave.

It was supposed to be a normal winter sleepover. Hot chocolate and pillow forts and scary movies. But Jessica's friends had other
things in mind. They bring out a board game that is supposed to help you talk to the dead, and Jessica wants nothing more than to
communicate with her recently deceased sister, Mary.
She gets her wish.
Mary responds. And in the days that follow, it becomes clear that Mary isn't the sweet girl she was in life. Jessica's friends start
getting hurt. Her enemies at school get really hurt.
Soon, Jessica is trapped in her own house by this vengeful poltergeist, and she must confront both her sister and the wrongs
between them to end the evil for good.

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Publication Date
September 01, 2020
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512 MB