Employees Gone Wild

by Richard Burton (Author)
Unlimited loans, 2 years, One at a time

Hilarious and hair-rising true tales of office debauchery from the lawyer who gets paid to clean up the mess.

Try to imagine the following workplace scenarios: two employees having hot and heavy sex in an open cubicle in full view of their coworkers. A boss conducting a business meeting while wearing nothing but a strategically-placed towel. Employees using Craigslist to arrange sexual trysts with hookers on company time. Breast-flashing. Oral sex solicitation via office e-mail.

Impossible? Unbelievable?

Richard Burton has tales you won?t believe actually happened over his decades spent as the attorney hired by companies to protect them when their employees act out. Employees Gone Wild collects some of the most outrageous and absolutely-true stories (names changed to protect the guilty of course) from Burton?s years on the job, along with his indispensible practical advice on how companies and the people that work for them can avoid the same pitfalls.

Hilarious and eye-opening in the same breath, dozens of cartoons give Employees Gone Wild a light tone perfect for the coworker with a sense of humor. It?s also a great excuse for anyone that?s received a slap on the wrist from their job: Hey, at least I?m not as bad as that guy!

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June 02, 2015
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