The Social Organism

The Social Organism

by Oliver Luckett (Author), Michael J. Casey (Author)
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A groundbreaking book that illuminates how social media functions on a global scale, how human culture is evolving with it, and how we can master digital content for good and for profit.

The cofounder of three multi-million-dollar start-ups, Oliver Luckett is frequently asked to speak on social media?s impact. But how, he used to wonder, could he best describe the interactions of millions of users, a complicated system of human connections? One day, while hiking through Joshua Tree National Park, Luckett had a flashback to his days as a microbiology lab rat?and an epiphany: social media is an organism, a living, breathing, evolving creature.

Luckett and Casey deliver a revolutionary theory of social networks, showing?to an astonishing degree?how they mimic biological life. By examining cells, viruses, and other microbiological functions, we can master social media in both business and in life.

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November 15, 2016
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