Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

by Brenda Jackson (Author), Ron Butler (Narrateur)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

She is his guiltiest pleasure...

Dr. Cohen Carlson knows all about temptation. Twice before, he?d given in when Dee Lewis, his younger sister?s best friend, decided to seduce him. But he can?t let it happen again. As much as he wants her, he knows he can?t give Dee the love she wants, the love she deserves. He went down that road once before, and the pain left a deep scar. He refuses to give love another try. Not even for Dee.

Dee has loved Cohen forever. As far as she?s concerned, he?s her soulmate. So why is he retreating? Once she finds out his reasons for holding back, she?s determined to prove to him that he can trust her with his heart. What?s her plan? To drive him so crazy, he?ll have no choice but to seduce her! It?s sure to work. After all, they say that three time?s a charm...

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Publication date
September 22, 2020