Superhawks: Strike Force Alpha

by Mack Maloney (Author)
52 Loans, 2 years, One at a time

Call it all-American pride. Call it vengeance. The Ocean Voyager is on course. A thirty-thousand-ton undercover assault warship set loose in the Middle East. For Colonel Ryder Long of the U.S. Air Force, fighting to win is in his blood. The same could be said for Bobby Murphy-real identity unknown-a shadowy military genius and super spy programmed for revenge. The crew: Superhawks, a crack secret op team bound by a single war cry: "Remember the Twin Towers!"

Their target is Abdul Kazeel, a notorious madman with connections throughout the Persian Gulf. Infamous in the terrorist underworld and top mission planner for Al Qaeda, he's planning a new attack on America with a destructive force that threatens the future of the free world. Only the Superhawks can stop this enemy dead in his desert tracks as they declare their own war in full explosive fury and enforce world peace through any means necessary.

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Publication Date
July 11, 2004