Motherhood Is the New MBA

by Shari Storm (Author)
52 Loans, 2 years, One at a time

When it comes to being a good leader, we've read the sports analogies, we've read the war analogies. But how about hitting a little closer to home?

As a mother, the following rules and tactics probably sound familiar to you:
- Never Underestimate the Power of Kiss-It-Make-It-Better
- Hold the Line on Tantrums
- Remember the Magic Word Count to Three Before Giving a Time-Out

These are good, solid rules for how to raise children. But can these same rules make you a better boss? Absolutely.

In her impressive first book, Shari Storm takes the lessons attributed to parenting and shows how they can be directly applied in the workplace, making you a more effective manager and giving you the confidence to lead and shape your staff into the employees you want them to be. Shari gathers a wonderful collection of funny and inspirational stories from a wide range of executive mothers---TV producers, firefighters, accountants, teachers, baristas, corporate leaders, pilots---for an engaging, easy-to-absorb read.

These pages will provide both laughs and enlightenment. For the woman who wants to excel in her business, this goes beyond your average management book.

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Publication Date
April 01, 2010