A Whole Lotta Trouble

by Lea Hart (Author)
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Rick Blakely is enjoying being back on the family?s Texan ranch. After ten years in the Navy SEALs?and another working through the damage they caused?he?s grateful his days are no longer filled with chaos and danger.

His peace and quiet ends the second the new vet pulls up to the ranch. Emily Conner has driven him up a wall since grade school, and their fights are legendary in these parts. Fate must be laughing at his expense?something he?ll be discussing with the man upstairs just as soon as he can tear his eyes away from Em?s very fine ass...

When Emily agreed to go out to the Blakely Ranch, she prayed fervently that her former nemesis was: A) not in residence, B) mute, or C) ugly as sin. Rick, of course, is none of these things, and she?s torn between wanting to throttle him and tear off his clothes to see whether what?s underneath is just as hot. Which will not happen. The man is nothing but trouble.

The town is taking bets. Rick and Em are either going to end up in jail or in bed. Likely both. How many bottles of tequila, visits from the sheriff, and family meddling it takes to get there is a whole other question...

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April 12, 2020
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