Alexander the Great : Life and Conquests of the Famous King

by S. G. Goodrich & Al (Author)
20 Loans, 20 Concurent Loans

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia and the great conqueror; probably represented in the Bible by the "belly of brass". He was about twenty years old when he commenced his career, and died quite young.

“Notwithstanding the briefness of Alexander's career, he ran through, during that short period, a very brilliant series of exploits, which were so bold, so romantic, and which led him into such adventures in scenes of the greatest magnificence and splendor, that all the world looked on with astonishment then, and mankind have continued to read the story since, from age to age, with the greatest interest and attention.” (Jacob Abbott)

This book deals with the Life and Conquests of Alexander the Great.

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April 03, 2020
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