My First Book of Nautical Knots

de Caroline Britz (Auteur), Laura Gómez Guerra (Illustrateur), Andrea Jones Berasaluce (Traducteur)
Prêts illimités, 2 ans, Un à la fois

Do you know what seamanship is? It's the art of making knots. But there's no need to board a boat to learn how to make sea knots. My First Book of Nautical Knots brings you eighteen knots to discover.

Some are done in a jiffy, like the figure eight or the bowline knot; others require greater concentration, such as the slip knot or the bosco knot. Still others are so pretty that you can use them to make a jewel or a small decorative object.

Ropework is an activity very popular with children, and My First Book of Nautical Knots offers beautifully illustrated step-by-step models of nautical knots that is sure to help parents and children to learn and master this craft together.

As a bonus, My First Book of Nautical Knots presents the star of the playground: gimp stitching.

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Date de publication
19 mai 2020
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