The Law (in Plain English) for Photographers

by Leonard D. Duboff (Author), Sarah J. Tugman (Author)
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“If you’re a professional photographer, you must own this book.” —David Hume Kennerly, Pulitzer Prize winner, former White House photographer, University of Arizona presidential scholar

The All-in-One Resource for Photographers at All Levels

In The Law (in Plain English)® for Photographers, Leonard D. DuBoff and Sarah J. Tugman walk readers through the legal landscape of the photography business. In easy-to-understand terms and with plenty of examples, this comprehensive resource covers everything from organizing a business to privacy rights to copyright questions. Clearly outlined chapters will help readers to:

  • Comprehend intellectual property laws
  • Identify defamation and libel
  • Distinguish rights of privacy and publicity
  • Navigate censorship and obscenity rules
  • Understand photo licenses and restrictions
  • Organize a photography business
  • Draft strong contracts and resolve disputes
  • Properly file taxes and take advantage of deductions
  • Select and utilize insurance plans
  • Prepare an estate plan
To master the legal side of the business, all photographers need to have this essential guide in their libraries.

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January 07, 2020
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