Love Your Body Feed Your Soul

by Summer Sanders (Author)
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The ultimate guide to self-love, health, beauty, and happiness.

This is a wellness book that goes way beyond the surface, grounding you in the intrinsic beauty of plant-based foods, while elevating you with inspired skin care recipes and sacred routines that tap into your inner glow and intuition. Filled with vibrant photos that turn you on to the sensuality and real pleasure of sacred beauty, healthful cuisine, and conscious rituals, Summer Sanders, author of Raw and Radiant, dives deep beyond the food and into the heart to awaken the senses and shine light on a new way of connecting to food, health, and life.

From topics like beauty, hormones, and cleansing, to motherhood and meditation, this book covers everything you need for total transformation from the inside out: 

  • Recipes for natural masks, scrubs, and hair treatments
  • Tips for seasonal cleansing and natural remedies
  • Healing tonics and smoothies
  • Self-care checklists and simple rituals to stay grounded
  • Mantras and meditations to connect to the power within
  • Light and bright food that will make you feel radiant
  • Intuitive eating, cycle syncing, and fully enjoying life and body
  • And more

This book contains everything you need to access and release your inner goddess—it will inspire the radiance of women while supporting us to release the old patriarchal views of beauty and embrace the real feminine powers that are living within us all. 

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January 07, 2020
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