On Your Case

On Your Case

by Lisa Green (Author), Lisa Green (Narrateur)
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On Your Case gives women the tools they need to prepare anything the law might throw at them. From dating, marriage and kids to retirement and aging parents, this is the book every woman should have when trouble strikes?or before!

In On Your Case, Lisa Green finally fills a gap in women?s bookshelves with a thorough, compelling and occasionally hilarious guide to the range of legal issues women can expect to navigate in their busy lives. Leveraging her experience as a lawyer and a television journalist and legal analyst, Green explains common, even complicated, legal issues in practical, easy to understand terms. She uses court cases and vivid personal anecdotes to illustrate how readers can make smart decisions when problems arise. And legal problems will arise, Green counsels, so women need to get smart, and get ready.

In her warm, inviting voice, Green shares guidance on:

Relationships: Online dating, pre and postnuptial agreements, engagement and marriage

Separation and Divorce: Splitting without anxiety, child custody and support, pet custody disputes

Babies, Children and Teens: Pregnancy and adoption, advocating for a special needs child, misbehaving teens

Work: Employment and household help

Domestic violence

Midlife and elder care: wills, medical decisions and power of attorney

Legal Help: Hiring a lawyer, DIY

As Suze Orman demystified personal finance for women, Lisa Green now does for the world of law. With On Your Case, Green helps you take care of yourself, your assets, your family, and your career and maintain control of your life.

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Publication date
September 15, 2020