For Love

For Love

by Sue Miller (Author), Susan Bennett (Narrateur)
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?Each of her characters is complete and distinctive, a compendium of lovable and exasperating traits.... Each character has a turn at capturing our full attention.??Los Angeles Times

With insight and intelligence, Sue Miller explores the intricacies of family and love.

Lottie Gardner, her brother, Cameron, and their childhood friend Elizabeth have all come together in their hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts, after years of lives lived far apart. As she packs up her mother's house and witnesses the rekindling of an old romance between Cameron and Elizabeth, Lottie is barraged by memories of the past. When a senseless tragedy intrudes upon them, Lottie is forced to examine the consequences of what she has done for love. 

Emotional, compelling, and moving, For Love is a powerful novel of the life-altering choices people make, choices that reverberate through the years.

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Publication Date
August 11, 2020