Endgame: The Complete Zero Line Chronicles

Endgame: The Complete Zero Line Chronicles

de James Frey (Autor), Andrew Eiden (Narrador)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

A companion to the New York Times bestselling Endgame series, The Complete Zero Line Chronicles is a collection of prequel novellas that follows the Zero Line, an underground group of conspiracy theorists determined to put a stop to Endgame?and save the world.

Several decades before the Players of Endgame meet at the Calling, an earlier generation of Players is learning the rules. Each has been chosen as the one to save their ancient bloodline?and win Endgame. But not everyone wants to see Endgame take place. One group in particular has other ideas. They call themselves the Zero Line, and this is their mission: Kill the Players. Stop Endgame. Prevent the end of the world.

Originally published as three individual ebook novellas, the Zero Line Chronicles are now together in one print volume.

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7 de junio de 2016
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