Marge in Charge

Marge in Charge

by Isla Fisher (Author), Isla Fisher (Narrateur)
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Actress and comedian Isla Fisher?s hilarious debut introduces Marge, your kids? favorite new zany babysitter?perfect for fans of Amelia Bedelia and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

Siblings Jemima and Jake Button don?t know what to make of their new babysitter, Marge: She?s not tall enough to ride a rollercoaster and, when she first arrives, she?s dressed like a grandma and looks very serious. But as soon as Mommy and Dad are gone, mischievous Marge lets down her rainbow hair and the adventures begin.

Jemima and Jake aren?t supposed to shoot apple juice out of water guns, eat pancakes off the ceiling, or throw impromptu concerts during music class?but with Marge here, everything?s gone topsy-turvy! Can they have this much fun and still finish everything on Mommy?s list before their parents come home to discover what?s been going on?

In these three madcap stories, it?s obvious that everything?s way more fun when Marge is in charge.

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Publication Date
May 08, 2018