Self-Confidence at Work

Self-Confidence at Work

by 50Minutes (Author)
55 Loans, One at a time

Ready to take your career to the next level? Find out everything you need to know about self-confidence at work with this practical guide.

It is widely assumed that confident people progress further in their careers and always get what they want. While this is true to an extent, anybody can become one of these confident people and begin to fulfil their desires. By understanding the causes of your low confidence and building it back up, you too can achieve your goals. Stop hiding in the background; assert yourself and climb that career ladder! 

In 50 minutes you will be able to:
oUnderstand why you lack self-confidence and how this can harm you personally and professionally
oUse confidence-building techniques to help you voice your opinions and be heard
oSee why self-confidence is so important in every aspect of your life

The Coaching series from the 50Minutes collection is aimed at all those who, at any stage in their careers, are looking to acquire personal or professional skills, adapt to new situations or simply re-evaluate their work-life balance. The concise and effective style of our guides enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of a broad range of concepts, combining theory, constructive examples and practical exercises to enhance your learning.

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