Jesus CEO

Jesus CEO

by Laurie Beth Jones (Author), Laurie Beth Jones (Narrateur)
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A revolutionary new audio program that will guide business leaders into the next century!
He gave them a vision of something larger than themselves.

The world is changing at almost breakneck speed, and the leaders who succeed will be those who can marshal their most powerful resources in the most effective ways. With principles embedded in spirituality, ethics and strength, acclaimed motivator Laurie Beth Jones brings us Jesus, CEO -- a bold yet sensitive inspirational guide for leadership success.
After years in business, Jones was struck by the notion that Jesus' leadership approach ran counter to most of today's management styles. In Jesus, CEO, she explains that by harnessing the three strengths behind Jesus' leadership techniques (the strengths of self-mastery, action, and relationships), we can become the empowered leaders that the next millenium will require.
Following the example of Jesus -- a "CEO" who took a disorganizied "staff" of twelve and built a thriving "enterprise" -- Jesus, CEO details a simple, profound, fresh, and often humor-filled approach to motivating and managing others.

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Publication Date
February 01, 1995
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