The Women of Duck Commander

The Women of Duck Commander

by Kay Robertson (Author), Korie Robertson (Author), Missy Robertson (Author), Lisa Robertson (Author), Jessica Robertson (Author), Jessica Robertson (Narrateur), Korie Robertson (Narrateur), Kay Robertson (Narrateur), Missy Robertson (Narrateur), Lisa Robertson (Narrateur), Alex Robertson Mancuso (Narrateur)
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Patriarch Miss Kay, Korie, Missy, Jessica, and Lisa Robertson speak out about their roles in the crazy Robertson family and the core values that make this family work.

Fans of Duck Dynasty already know that the women behind the men with the beards know their own minds and know how and when to speak out to their men. But this insightful audiobook will give readers a look into what goes on behind the scenes and the real character and spunk of the women who love these bearded men. Listeners will find that the Duck Commander women have real depth and character and, in addition to being the perfect companions for the Duckmen, are strong women of substance in their own rights.

In each section of this audiobook, our leading ladies share their hearts and their thoughts on the spiritual foundation that guides their lives as well as some of the difficulties and challenges they have faced in a chapter titled "'Happily Ever After' Sometimes Takes a While." They share about how each one became a Robertson and challenge myths about their motives for marriage into this family. The wives of these beloved men share precious stories about their love for Phil and Kay--with chapters titled "Oh, Kay!" and "Getting Our Phil"--as well as the core values that govern their lives. You'll learn about all their children, their own parents and grandparents, and what made them the women they are today.

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April 01, 2014
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