Not to Scale

Not to Scale

de Jamer Hunt (Autor), Jamie Renell (Narrador)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

From research to practical application, Not To Scale explores an influential theory in an accessible way.

For almost a decade, Jamer Hunt has been exploring and researching what scale means to our everyday lives. As the founding director of Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons School of Design, he brings a unique perspective to this topic that is the basis for all major business models, and for the world itself.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines scale as "a range of numbers used in a system to measure or compare things." Jamer expands on that and argues that scale is present in all of our everyday-decisions, like how often to choose paper over plastic at the grocery store.

Jamer constantly searches for connections across fields that others don't see and studies the patterns that emerge, leading to more opportunity. The first half of NOT TO SCALE will explore scale and the opportunity it brings, and demonstrate how we push scale to its limits, making material items bigger, faster, stronger. The second half of the book offers lessons and advice for navigating the effects of scale. This will be the first book that demonstrates how scale is remaking our experiences while also providing new strategies for succeeding in its wake.

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3 de marzo de 2020
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