The Answer to the Riddle Is Me

The Answer to the Riddle Is Me

by David Stuart MacLean (Author), Neil Shah (Narrateur)
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Imagine waking up in a train station in India with no ideawho you are or how you got there. This is what happened to David MacLean.

In 2002, at age twenty-eight, David MacLean woke up in aforeign land with his memory wiped clean. No money. No passport. No identity.

Taken to a mental hospital by the police, MacLean thenstarted to hallucinate so severely he had to be tied down. Soon he couldremember song lyrics and scenes from television shows but not his family, hisfriends, or the woman he loved. All of these symptoms, it turned out, were theresult of the commonly prescribed malarial medication he was taking. Upon hisreturn to the States, he struggled to piece together the fragments of his formerlife in a harrowing, absurd, and unforgettable journey back to himself.

A deeply felt, closely researched, and intenselypersonal book, The Answer to the Riddle Is Me, drawn from MacLean's award-winning This American Life essay,confronts and celebrates the dark, mysterious depths of our psyches and themyriad ways we are all unknowable, especially to ourselves.

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January 14, 2014
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