by Nicole Edwards (Author), Manxie Hardy (Narrateur), William Sharpe (Narrateur), Dake Bliss (Narrateur)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Travis Walker, the oldest of the seven Walker brothers, hasbeen referred to as moody and mysterious, and for the most part, he would agree.Until recently he spent his days helping his brothers run the family business.Now he dedicates his time and energy to building a resort, Alluring Indulgence,that caters to fetishes and fantasies. And despite his attempt to work himselfinto the ground, Travis has never denied--at least not to himself--that somethingis missing.

Ten years ago, Travis made the hardest decision of his life,breaking his own heart in the process. A decade later, he is learning that lifehas a strange way of turning things upside down before placing the pieces exactlywhere they were meant to go.

This book contains sexy, smoking-hot cowboys that may makeyour listening device spontaneously combust. Consider yourself warned.

Warning! This book contains graphic material that is notsuitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.

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October 06, 2014
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