Blackfeet Season

de Vella Munn (Auteur)
52 prêts, 2 ans, Un à la fois

Winter is coming, but the Blackfeet have not yet begun the journey to their southern hunting grounds, stalled while Chief Sleeps Too long and the shaman, Bunch of Lodges argue whether spirituality or a warrior's wisdom is the best was to guide the tribe.

White Calf, a young woman of great spiritual power, dreams that the buffalo have wandered far from their usual grazing lands and that the Blackfeet must quickly mount a hunt of risk winter starvation.

While White Calf chooses to marry one of the shaman's sons, political rivalry becomes outright war. The tribe splits in two as the chief's faction heads for warmer lands, while Bunch of Lodges leads his people on an ill-fated buffalo hunt.

Painfully aware that only unity will allow the tribe to survive the harsh winter their dreams have foretold, the shaman's sons and White Calf struggle through an unending blizzard to rejoin their people. Their only guide is a spirit wolf who seems both a menace and protector.

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Date de publication
15 avril 2000
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