Return to Elysium

Return to Elysium

by Joan Grant (Author), Mil Nicholson (Narrateur)
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Lucina of Greece was orphaned at a young age and brought up by foster parents. Now aged 13 she is sent to be educated by her philosopher guardian in the place he calls Elysium. There she finds herself the only female in a masculine world: while she proves herself an intellectual equal she cannot accept the rigidity of the scientific scepticism that disallows her intuition, psychic talents and capacity for love.

Lucina flees to Rome to become a priestess and the founder of a mystic cult in that yet young and primitive city. She finds love in the arms of a Roman senator, but her philosophical upbringing comes back to haunt her and sets her on a path to return, in a way, to Elysium ...

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January 21, 2020
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