Exit Wounds

Exit Wounds

by Jeffery Deaver (Author), Fiona Cummins (Author), Mark Billingham (Author), John Connolly (Author), Sarah Hilary (Author), Martyn Waites (Author), Dennis Lehane (Author), Lee Child (Author), Val McDermid (Author), Christopher Fowler (Author), Dean Koontz (Author), A. K. Benedict (Author), James Oswald (Author), Joe R. Lansdale (Author), Paul Finch (Author), Alex Gray (Author), Louise Jensen (Author), Steph Broadribb (Author), Various Authors (Author), Paul B. Kane (Editor), Marie O’Regan (Editor), Kate Reading (Narrateur), Austin Rising (Narrateur), Marisa Calin (Narrateur), Matthew Lloyd Davies (Narrateur), Alan Smyth (Narrateur), Peter Noble (Narrateur), Derek Perkins (Narrateur), Courtney Patterson (Narrateur), Alison Larkin (Narrateur), Robert Fass (Narrateur), Justine Eyre (Narrateur), Jennifer Woodward (Narrateur), Helen Lloyd (Narrateur), Ron Butler (Narrateur), Rachel Jacobs (Narrateur), Shiromi Arserio (Narrateur), Ralph Lister (Narrateur), John McLain (Narrateur), James Langton (Narrateur), various narrators (Narrateur)
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Exit Wounds is a thrilling anthology of crime stories written by masters of the genre, including Dean Koontz, Val McDermid, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, Elly Griffiths, Dennis Lehane, Joe R. Lansdale, and others.

After an introduction by the editors, Paul B. Kane and Marie O?Regan, this collection includes the following stories:

?The Bully? by Jeffery Deaver?Dead Weight? by Fiona Cummins?Like a Glass Jaw? by Mark Billingham?On The Anatomization of an Unknown Man (1637) by Frans Mier? by John Connolly?The Pitcher? by Sarah Hilary?Disciplined? by Martyn Waites?The Consumers? by Dennis Lehane?Voices through the Wall? by Alex Gray?Wet with Rain? by Lee Child?Happy Holidays? by Val McDermid?Fool You Twice? by Steph Broadribb?Lebensraum? by Christopher Fowler?Dancing towards the Blade? by Mark Billingham?Kittens? by Dean Koontz?Take My Hand? by A. K. Benedict?Dressed to Kill? by James Oswald?Booty and the Beast? by Joe R. Lansdale?The New Lad? by Paul Finch?The Recipe? by Louise Jensen

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November 26, 2019
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