The Fox, The Captain's Doll & The Ladybird

The Fox, The Captain's Doll & The Ladybird

de D. H. Lawrence (Auteur), Gabrielle de Cuir (Narrateur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

D. H. Lawrence portrays human relationships--both tender and cruel--and the destructive effects of war in three classic novellas.

In The Fox, two young women living on a small farm during the First World War find their solitary life interrupted. As a fox preys on their poultry, a human predator plans to prey on the women. The Captain's Doll explores the complex and intimate relationship between a German countess and a married Scottish soldier in occupied Germany, while in The Ladybird a wounded German prisoner of war has a disturbing and profound influence on the Englishwoman who visits him in the hospital.

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A. J. Moseley (Autre contributeur), Stefan Rudnicki (Autre contributeur)
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14 janvier 2020
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