The Great Brain Robbery

The Great Brain Robbery

by P. G. Bell (Author), Fiona Hardingham (Narrateur)
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The adventure continues in book two of the stunning Train to Impossible Places middle-grade fantasy series!

Suzy Smith and her friends have gathered again for the re-launch of The Impossible Postal Express. The celebrations don't last long though, before Trollville is rocked by a violent tremor-one of a series growing more powerful by the day.

It's clear something sinister is underfoot. Nevertheless Suzy's got a long-overdue package that the Express must deliver, and it may just lead her to some answers.

In this second book in the Train to Impossible Places trilogy, Suzy and the Express will travel deep under Trollville through the Uncanny Valley, and sky-high to new impossible places like Cloud Forge. She and the gang will test out its kinks, er, new features, and meet new allies and enemies alike, from a sentient cloud-consciousness to an obnoxious magician.

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Publication Date
December 31, 2019
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