Walpurgis III

Walpurgis III

by Mike Resnick (Author), Tom Weiner (Narrateur)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

He killed 11 million men in the death camps of Pilor IXduring the brief reign of the mad Emperor Justacious. He killed 17 million menon Boriga II in a manner that made the gas ovens of ancient Earth and its Reichseem compassionate. He killed 5 million women and children on New Rhodesia. Hekilled 3,017 men on Cambria III, each in a different way. He invented torturedevices that even Spica VI, which was in revolt against the Republic, would notuse.

No photograph, holograph, or videodisc of him is known toexist. He has never been fingerprinted. There is no voice or retinaidentification pattern on him in any computer. He has no bank account on anyworld, no financial or property holdings that anyone has been able to trace.His planet of origin is unknown. Many men have served him; all but seven aredead, and none of those seven have ever seen him.

He is a fugitive.

His name is Conrad Bland and he is, for the moment, safe.But someone has sent an assassin to find him--and end him.

Chief Detective John Sable is caught between his badgeand his conscience as the two most famous executioners of all time prepare todo battle in his territory.

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September 01, 2013
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