Raise Your Social I.Q.

Raise Your Social I.Q.

by Michael Levine (Author), Mary Woods (Narrateur)
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In these modern, stress-filled times, etiquette is not as standard as it once was. The changing scenes of profession, dating, and political awareness call for another look at common manners. With this book, top Hollywood agent Michael Levine shares his social expertise culled from years of doing business with some of the world's most famous people.

People face many awkward situations: the dating scene with all its pitfalls; friends going through grief and loss; job difficulties and other personal problems; the woes of love, friendship, and profession. To avoid gaffes and goofs and other embarrassments, we need to bring our social I.Q. into the twenty-first century. This book defines manners and etiquette for how we live today and shows readers how to keep their mouths foot-free.

Among the topics covered are:

-How to mix business and social relationships

-Thank-you notes and why they are indispensable

-E-mail versus snail mail (guess which one is better)

-How to behave on a first date

-Racism, politics, and sex

-RSVP or else!

-The Ten Commandments of social I.Q.

-The basics of friendship

The book also includes a social I.Q. test--the author dares readers to improve their score before the "final exam" given at the end of the book. Raise Your Social I.Q. shows readers how to live better, happier, and nicer, and how to help rid the planet of bad manners and incivility.

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January 01, 2007
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