Hearth Stone

Hearth Stone

by Lois Greiman (Author), Carrington MacDuffie (Narrateur)
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Award-winning author Lois Greiman welcomes readersback to the Black Hills of South Dakota, with a new cast ofcharacters in a story that will resonate with fans of heartwarming fiction bySusan Wiggs and Robyn Carr.

With her chance at the US equestrian team shatteredby an injury, Sydney Wellesley arrives at the Lazy Windmill ranch angry andheartbroken. But the rugged red bluffs and wild high plains of the Black Hillsinspire her to purchase land where she can train her own Olympic hopefuls.Everything's going according to Sydney's new life plan--until her fundingsuddenly dries up.

Alone in the ramshackle house she had planned toraze, Sydney is ready to admit defeat and slink back to civilization--until shediscovers an injured mustang. Seeing herself in the desperate wild mare, shefeels compelled to save the animal at all costs, little knowing that the horsejust might return the favor. For as Sydney's circle grows to include anautistic child, an earthy array of local characters, and hired help in the formof Hunter Redhawk, a man as indomitable as the land itself, she realizes thatheroes are everywhere and that healing is the first step on the road to truehappiness.

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February 24, 2015
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