West of the Tularosa

West of the Tularosa

by Louis L’Amour (Author), Mark Bramhall (Narrateur), Tom Weiner (Narrateur)
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Louis L'Amour said thatthe West was no place for the frightened or the mean. It was a "big countryneeding big men and women to live in it." This volume presents eight ofL'Amour's ever-popular short stories--history that lives forever.

"Mistakes Can Kill You"

Johnny O'Day, once rescuedby the Redlin family, may be the only one who can save Sam Redlin from gamblerand saloon owner Loss Degner in a fight over a woman.

"The Man from Battle Flat"

A potential range warbetween nesters and ranchers has divided the townspeople, and now Bush Leason,the big nester, has shot Shorty Grimes in the back.

"The Lion Hunter and the Lady"

Cat Morgan is in theprocess of bagging a big mountain lion alive, with the help of Long JohnWilliams, a wizard with a rope, when a lynch posse arrives and accuses Cat andLong John of horse stealing--and they intend to hang them right there.

"The One for the Mohave Kid"

The Mohave Kid is deadlywith a gun and a vicious character, but he is part of a large clan thatprotects him because he is family. When Marshal Ab Kale orders the Kid to stayaway from his town, the Kid sees it as a tempting challenge.

"WestIs Where the Heart Is"

Homeis still more than two hundred miles away when Jim London comes across theburned-out wagon train with only one survivor, a five-year-old girl. He'll haveto take her with him.

"Homein the Valley"

IfSteve Mehan can make it to Portland, Oregon, from Sacramento on horseback andbeat the steamer carrying some bad news, he can still recoup the money to savefive ranches back home.

"ForkYour Own Broncs"

Mac Marcy is a small-timerancher whose cattle access a water hole on Bob Kenyon's land, until Kenyonfences it off during a heat wave. But Kenyon's daughter knows of a secret watersource.

"Westof the Tularosa"

WardMcQueen, foreman for the Tumbling K, is accused of killing a nearby rancher andhe's going to need some help to prove his innocence.

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