Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Vol. 1

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Vol. 1

by Cbs Radio (Author), Bob Bailey (Narrateur), a full cast (Narrateur)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

First heard on network radio in 1948, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar chronicled the adventures of freelanceinsurance investigator Johnny Dollar, "the man with the action-packed expenseaccount." For fourteen years it was oneof the most popular detective shows on the air, lasting until the final days ofnetwork radio drama in 1962. Each story started with a phone call from aninsurance executive calling on Johnny Dollar to investigate an unusual claim.His investigations usually required him to travel to distant locales and ofteninvolved murder. The stories were recounted in flashback, as Dollar listed eachline item from his expense account: "Item one, $3.75 cab fare to the airport."

Over the years, many actors portrayed Johnny Dollar,including Charles Russell, John Lund, and Edmund O'Brien. But in 1955 BobBailey took over as the series was switching to a new dynamic format ofseventy-five-minute storylines told in five fifteen-minute installments, Mondaythrough Friday. While other radio shows were waning in the mid-1950s, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar was at itspeak. Experts place these adventures in with the best of the best of radio'sgolden age. This collection contains thirty fifteen-minute episodes.

Episodes include "The McCormack Matter," "The Molly K Matter," "The Chesapeake Fraud Matter," "The Alvin Summers Matter," "The Valentine Matter" and "The Lorcoe Diamond Matter."

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