Give-a-Damn Jones

Give-a-Damn Jones

by Bill Pronzini (Author), Sam Osheroff (Narrateur), Chris Abell (Narrateur), Eddie Lopez (Narrateur), Grover Gardner (Narrateur), Jim Meskimen (Narrateur), Traber Burns (Narrateur), Nick Sullivan (Narrateur), Patrick Lawlor (Narrateur), Donald Corren (Narrateur), John Lescault (Narrateur), Johnny Heller (Narrateur), R. C. Bray (Narrateur), William Hughes (Narrateur), Armando Durán (Narrateur), Michael Kramer (Narrateur), various narrators (Narrateur)
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Not all the folks who roamed the Old West were cowhands, rustlers, or cardsharps. And they certainly weren't all heroes.

Give-a-Damn Jones, a free-spirited itinerant typographer, hates his nickname almost as much as the rumors spread about him. He's a kind soul who keeps finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That's what happened in Box Elder, a small Montana town. Tensions are running high, and anything--or anyone--could be the fuse to ignite them: a recently released convict trying to prove his innocence, a prominent cattleman who craves respect at any cost, a wily traveling dentist at odds with a violent local blacksmith, or a firebrand of an editor who is determined to unlock the town's secrets.

Jones walks into the middle of it all, and this time, he may be the hero that this town needs.

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May 08, 2018
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