Atomic Accidents

Atomic Accidents

by James Mahaffey (Author), Tom Weiner (Narrateur)
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A gripping narrativeof nuclear mishaps and meltdowns around the globe, all of which have proven pivotalto the advancement of nuclear science

From the moment radiation was discovered in the latenineteenth century, nuclear science has had a rich history of innovativescientific exploration and discovery, coupled with mistakes, accidents, anddownright disasters. Mahaffey, a long-time advocate of continuednuclear research and nuclear energy, looks at each incident in turn andanalyzes what happened and why, often discovering where scientists went wrongwhen analyzing past meltdowns.

Every incident has led to new facets of understanding aboutthe mighty atom--and Mahaffey puts forth what the future should be for thisfinal frontier of science that still holds so much promise.

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February 15, 2014
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