Neutrino Hunters

Neutrino Hunters

by Ray Jayawardhana (Author), Bronson Pinchot (Narrateur)
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Detective thriller meets astrophysics in this adventure intoneutrinos and the scientists who pursue them.

For more than eighty years, brilliant and eccentricscientists around the world have been searching for the incredibly small bitsof matter we call neutrinos. Trillions of these ghostly particles pass throughour bodies every second, but they are so pathologically shy that neutrinohunters have to use Olympic-size pools deep underground and a gigantic cube ofAntarctic ice to catch just a handful. Neutrinos may hold the secrets to thenature of antimatter and what the universe was like just seconds after the bigbang, but they are extremely elusive and difficult to pin down--much like theadventurous scientists who doggedly pursue them.

In Neutrino Hunters, renowned astrophysicist andaward-winning author Ray Jayawardhana takes us on a thrilling journey into theshadowy world of neutrinos and the colorful lives of those who chase them.Demystifying particle science along the way, Jayawardhana tells a detectivestory with cosmic implications--interweaving the tales of the irascibleCasanova Wolfgang Pauli; the troubled genius Ettore Majorana, who disappearedwithout a trace; and Bruno Pontecorvo, whose defection to the Soviet Unioncaused a Cold War ruckus. Ultimately, Jayawardhana reveals just how significantthese fast-moving particles are to the world we live in and why the next decadeof neutrino hunting will redefine how we think about physics, cosmology, andour lives on Earth.

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December 10, 2013
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