Eldritch Tales

Eldritch Tales

by H. P. Lovecraft (Author), various narrators (Narrateur), Tom Weiner (Narrateur), Simon Vance (Narrateur), Simon Prebble (Narrateur), Bronson Pinchot (Narrateur), Elijah Alexander (Narrateur), Malcolm Hillgartner (Narrateur), Sean Runnette (Narrateur), Stefan Rudnicki (Narrateur), Gildart Jackson (Narrateur), Robertson Dean (Narrateur), Pamela Garelick (Narrateur), Armando Durán (Narrateur)
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The only audio edition of Eldritch Tales authorized by the H. P. Lovecraft Estate!

Following the phenomenal success of Necronomicon, itscompanion volume brings together Lovecraft's remaining major stories plus his weirdpoetry, a number of obscure revisions, and some notable nonfiction, includingthe seminal critical essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature."

Gathering together in chronological order the rest ofLovecraft's rarely seen but extraordinary short fiction, this collectionincludes the entirety of the long-out-of-print collection of thirty-sixsonnets "Fungi from Yuggoth." Lovecraft died at the age of forty-seven,but in his short life he turned out dozens of stories that changed the face ofhorror. His extraordinary imagination spawned both the Elder God Cthulhu andhis eldritch cohorts, as well as the strangely compelling town of Innsmouth,all of which feature here.

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January 15, 2014
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