An Inquiry into Love and Death

An Inquiry into Love and Death

by Simone St. James (Author), Rosalyn Landor (Narrateur)
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In 1920s England, a young woman searches for the truthbehind her uncle's mysterious death in a town haunted by a restless ghost.

Oxford student Jillian Leigh works day and night to keepup with her studies--so to leave at the beginning of the term is next toimpossible. But after her uncle Toby, a renowned ghost hunter, is killed in afall off a cliff, she must drive to the seaside village of Rothewell to pack uphis belongings.

Almost immediately, unsettling incidents--a book left in acold stove, a gate swinging open on its own--escalate into terrifying eventsthat convince Jillian an angry spirit is trying to enter the house. Is itWalking John, the two-hundred-year-old ghost who haunts Blood Moon Bay? And whobesides the ghost is roaming the local woods at night? If Toby uncoveredsomething sinister, was his death no accident?

The arrival of handsome Scotland Yard inspector Drew Merriken, a formerRAF pilot with mysteries of his own, leaves Jillian with more questions thananswers--and with the added complication of a powerful, mutual attraction. Evenas she suspects someone will do anything to hide the truth, she begins todiscover spine-chilling secrets that lie deep within Rothewell ... and at thevery heart of who she is.

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March 05, 2013
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