Returning to Earth

Returning to Earth

by Jim Harrison (Author), Traci Svendsgaard (Narrateur), Tom Weiner (Narrateur), Ray Porter (Narrateur), Paul Michael Garcia (Narrateur), a full cast (Narrateur)
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In this sequel to Harrison's True North, Donald Burkett, a middle-aged Chippewa-Finnish man, is dying of Lou Gehrig's disease. While his wife, Cynthia, transcribes, Donald begins dictating his family history for the benefit of their children, stories that he never before has shared.

As old crimes, dreams, wounds, and sacred moments are revived for the members of Donald's family, each is affected in different and profound ways. Each will describe in his or her own voice the inner journey catalyzed by Donald's death and legacy.

This is a deeply moving book about origins and endings, about honoring life, honoring the dead, and finding redemption in unlikely places.

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January 01, 2006
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