White like Her

White like Her

de Gail Lukasik (Autor), Bernadette Dunne (Narrador)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

In the historical context of the Jim Crow South, Gail explores her mother's decision to pass, how she hid her secret even from her own husband, and the price she paid for choosing whiteness. Haunted by her mother's fear and shame, Gail embarks on a quest to uncover her mother's racial lineage, tracing her family back to eighteenth-century colonial Louisiana. In coming to terms with her decision to publicly out her mother, Gail changed how she looks at race and heritage.

With a foreword written by Kenyatta Berry, host of PBS's Genealogy Roadshow, this unique and fascinating story of coming to terms with oneself breaks down barriers.

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Kenyatta D. Berry (Autor del prefacio)
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27 de febrero de 2018
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